Everything you need to prepare a delicious meal

The amazing concept of an outdoor kitchen in one grill

With the help of a Dreamfire ceramic grill you can be sure to impress your family and friends. Combining the ancient art of cooking inside ceramics with the engineering of today, you can rest assured every meal turns out perfect. Feel like a top chef in the comfort of your own backyard!


There are no limits with Dreamfire

Everything you can imagine cooking and more. It’s all easy with the power of fire inside quality ceramics.


From poultry and pork to beef and lamb. You’ll hit that juicy inside which melts in your mouth together with the crispy outer layer that everybody craves when expecting grilled food.


Cooking vegetables on a grill can be a challenge and that’s why many decide to prepare the sides indoors to avoid frustration. With the power of Dreamfire, however, this is history. Your veggies have never tasted this good!


When it comes to baking, your Dreamfire easily transforms into an outdoor oven rendering the possibilities limitless. You might be impressed after you’ve mastered smoky garlic bread and your guests simply can’t get enough of it!