Dreamfire® Cooking system LUX PRO


– 2x Extra-thick stainless steel half-moon grates
– 2x Ceramic half moon heat deflectors
– 1x Extra-thick stainless steel accessory rack

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The new LUX PRO is perfect for grilling enthusiasts who like to take their experience to the next level. Using this accessory you can take the heat down and treat the grill as a smoker, a BBQ or even a pastry oven.
The heat deflectors are made to block the direct heat coming from the firebox and make it possible to cook things, that are meant to cook with the indirect method.
The extra-thick stainless steel grates with 2 levels make it more versatile than ever. You can cook on two levels at once for more room or make your grilling area into two zones. Steaks on one side on the direct heat and some delicate salmon slow-cooking on the other side – absolutely no problem for the LUX PRO.