Dreamfire Kamado Comfy Blue


Meet the new Estonian BBQ festival Champion 2021 – Dreamfire Kamado Comfy Blue!

Allow your backyard cooking to reach a new level thanks to the Comfy series. These grills are designed to look modern and sleek next to your home, while the capabilities exceed your expectations. Grill, smoke, braise, bake ! Juicy meats, caramelized vegetables, delicious smoked ham and crispy pastries – with the Dreamfire Comfy kamado grill, the only limit is your own imagination!

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Dreamfire Kamado Comfy Blue has the following features:


All new exclusive hexagonal exterior design – now with more color options than ever!
Don’t settle with boring looks. With the Comfy models you can be sure that you will get a unique design while not compromising on the functionality or quality.

Dreamfire Meatspotter 100 Bluetooth thermometer – Our bluetooth thermometer Meatspotter 100 gives you the peace of mind to take care of your own things until the Comfy cooks food for you. If the food is ready or the grill temperature is out of your preset range, the phone’s app will let you know. The easy to use app and symbiosis of a large backlit screen make your grilling experience more comfortable than ever before. You can watch what is happening comfortably from your phone away from the grill and can see the temperatures on the large backlit screen next to the grill.

Dreamfire Ash tool – Makes removing the ash from the bottom drawer a breeze. Also great for arranging lit charcoal around the firebox.

Two-tiered cooking system LUX PRO – Two cooking levels plus a special bottom level for the perfect sear, 4 heavy-duty half-moon stainless steel grates, 2 ceramic half-moon heat deflectors and comfortable handles to lift the system make the Dreamfire Kamado Comfy a truly versatile grill where you can use grates and heat deflectors in dozens of different combinations.

Extra thick stainless steel grates – Dreamfire Kamado Comfy comes with unprecedentedly thick stainless steel grill grates that act almost like cast iron in retaining heat. They also have an extremely long lifetime due to the thick material. Stainless steel half-moon grates are easy to clean, do not bend and do not melt.

Stainless steel top vent with a rain cover – The Comfy top vent has a long handle with a heat-proof tip, making it easy and safe to control. Quality stainless steel gives it great durability and the rain cover makes it worry-free all year round, no matter how rainy it is outside, your grill will be safe.

Stainless steel grill cart – Dreamfire Kamado Comfy comes with a stainless steel cart equipped with high-quality wheels, so that your kamado has a stylish home and you can move it comfortably.

Stainless steel details – Comfy comes with high-quality stainless steel (304) details such as vents, cart, handle and metal belts. With stainless steel details, you no longer have to worry about your kamado’s metal details starting to rust after a few months.

Rain cover – With Dreamfire Kamado Comfy, you get a high-quality rain cover that keeps your kamado clean and protects it from UV radiation, rain and pollen.

Wooden sideboards with hooks – Removable wooden sideboards give you a work surface where you can conveniently place your accessories. The hooks make it easy to hang your grill tongs, ash tools, brushes and more.

Extra thick seal between the body and the lid – the high-quality thick seal ensures that your kamado is completely airtight for many years to come. What does this mean? It means that your charcoal will go out in a matter of minutes when you close the top and bottom vent – this is uncomparable to other leading kamado manufacturers.

Extra thick and dense ceramics – Dreamfire Kamado Comfy ceramic body is made of extra thick and extra dense ceramics, which makes the Dreamfire Kamado Comfy particularly durable and retains heat better than other kamado type grills. Thick ceramic keeps the outside of the grill cooler than metal grills and is therefore also safer.

Limited lifetime warranty – Limited lifetime warranty for the ceramic body.



  • Colors: Black; Blue; Brick; Gray
  • The outer diameter of the grill is 56.5 cm, the inner diameter of the grill is 50 cm and the diameter of the grill grate is 47 cm, the total grilling area at one level 1735 cm2; with two levels of the LUX PRO system 3470 cm2
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Exclusive design