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Dreamfire Kamado Comfy Home

Dreamfire Kamado Comfy Home, a compact and versatile grill that brings big flavors to small spaces. Perfect for small families and those on the go, this grill offers all the exceptional features of the Comfy series in a smaller size. With its exclusive design, two-tiered cooking system, stainless steel details, and limited lifetime warranty, the Comfy Home is your gateway to unforgettable grilling experiences.

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Dreamfire Kamado Comfy Home, the compact powerhouse that delivers exceptional grilling experiences in a smaller size. The Dreamfire Kamado Comfy Home is specifically designed to suit the needs of small families and those with limited outdoor space. Its smaller footprint allows for easy setup and convenient storage, without compromising on performance or cooking capacity.

Efficient Cooking: Don’t let the size fool you – the Comfy Home packs a punch when it comes to grilling. Its 37cm (14.5″) cooking area provides ample space for preparing delicious meals for yourself, your family, or a small gathering of friends. From juicy burgers to mouthwatering ribs, this kamado grill delivers exceptional results.

With its exclusive hexagonal exterior design and captivating blue color, this grill is as stylish as it is functional. The Comfy Home boasts a range of outstanding features, including:

  • Two-tiered cooking system LUX: Enjoy the flexibility of two cooking levels and a special bottom level for the perfect sear. The grill comes with four heavy-duty half-moon stainless steel grates and two ceramic half-moon heat deflectors, providing endless grilling possibilities.
  • Dreamfire Meatspotter 100 Bluetooth thermometer included: Take your grilling to the next level with the included Meatspotter 100 thermometer. Stay in control as it monitors your food and grill temperature. The user-friendly app and large backlit screen provide a comfortable grilling experience, allowing you to conveniently monitor temperatures from your phone and next to the grill.
  • Wooden sideboards with hooks: The removable wooden sideboards offer a convenient work surface for your grilling essentials, while the hooks allow easy storage of grill tongs, ash tools, and brushes.
  • Thick stainless steel grates: Experience exceptional heat retention and durability with the unprecedentedly thick stainless steel grates. They are easy to clean, do not bend, and do not melt.
  • Stainless steel top vent with a rain cover: Featuring a top vent with a rain cover, the Comfy Home ensures effortless control of airflow while keeping rain out. This means you can fine-tune your grilling experience, from low and slow cooking to high-temperature pizza bakes.
  • Ash basket: Comfy Home comes with an ash basket for easy ash removal, enhancing air circulation and charcoal efficiency. Simply lift, shake, and place the basket back for a cleaner grilling experience.
  • Ash tool – Makes removing the ash from the bottom drawer a breeze. Also great for arranging lit charcoal around the firebox.
  • Stainless steel cart: The robust stainless steel cart is built to withstand the harshest Scandinavian winters, ensuring longevity and durability for years to come.
  • Extra thick seal between the body and the lid: The high-quality thick seal guarantees an airtight seal for efficient heat retention, ensuring your charcoal goes out quickly when the vents are closed. The airtight gasket guarantees precise temperature control, allowing you to achieve consistent results every time. Coupled with the thick ceramic body, the Comfy Home retains heat exceptionally well, ensuring fuel efficiency, reducing charcoal consumption and making the grill exceptionally easy to control.
  • Extra thick and dense ceramics: The extra thick and dense ceramic body ensures exceptional durability and superior heat retention, making the Comfy Home safer and more efficient than metal grills.
  • Rain cover: The Dreamfire Kamado Comfy Home comes with a high-quality rain cover to protect your grill from the elements when not in use. Keep your kamado clean and safeguarded from rain, UV radiation, and pollen.
  • Limited lifetime warranty for the ceramic body: Enjoy peace of mind with the limited lifetime warranty that covers the ceramic body of your Comfy Home.


  • Color: Blue
  • Cooking area diameter: 37cm (14.5”)
  • Outer diameter of the grill: 43cm (17”)
Weight 65 kg
Dimensions 54 × 54 × 73 cm

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