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Dreamfire Meatspotter 100

Dreamfire Meatspotter 100 is a new era wireless thermometer. This high quality product is your best friend while cooking. Dreamfire Meatspotter 100 is easy to use, fast to respond and amazingly accurate. It connects to your phone via a bluetooth connection and the app will ring an alarm when your food has reached the desired temperature without you having to check the thermometer on a regular basis. The app has preset temperatures for all the main meat types and temperature ranges from which you can choose or you can preset your own temperature or temperature range.

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Dreamfire Meatspotter 100 comes with two high quality probes. You can connect up to 6 probes to the device (sold separately).

Dreamfire Meatspotter 100 has a big backlit screen from where you can easily see the temperature of all probes connected to the thermometer while you are near the grill. It also features probe signal lights so you always know which probe’s temperature is shown on the screen.

Technical details:
Accuracy: 0-99┬░C ┬▒ 1%. 100-199┬░C ┬▒ 2%. 200-300┬░C ┬▒ 3%
Instantaneous detecting – 1-350┬░C
Continuous detecting – 1-300┬░C
Temperature settings: Rare, medium rare, medium, medium well, well.
Alarms: Highest and lowest temperature alarm, timed alarm, bluetooth disconnect alarm, range alarm, timer alarm.
Weight: 144gr
Dimensions: 9cm x 9.5cm x 2cm
Screen: LCD / Your phone
Probe’s cable lenght: 100cm
Probe lenght: 106mm
Probe diameter: 2mm